faceted hexagonal ornament

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I have truly been in lust with geometric objects, and hexagons have been a frontrunner for some time. I've also been enamoured with mobiles/hanging ornaments and how they are able to transform interior spaces effortlessly.

I thought that making a hexagonal mobile ornament would be a wonderful way to unite these two fascinations. These ornaments are just as perfect for displaying on the table as they are for hanging.

This project was very inexpensive, as most of the materials are regular household items, consisting of only three supplies: scissors, plastic stir sticks, and a hot glue gun. You may use regular, thin straws if you prefer, but I believe that stir sticks would work best because they have a divider (reinforcement) through the center of the sticks that provides more surface area for the glue to adhere to. Nonetheless, there is no right or wrong technique, so don't be afraid to experiment a little on your own.

1.) Gather materials:
For this project, you will need the following materials:
a.) 30 plastic stir sticks
b.) scissors
c.) hot glue gun

Optional supplies (if you are hanging your ornament):
d.) fishing wire
e.) clear adhesive/tape or hook

2.) Trim the ends of sticks:
Take each stick and trim the ends off at a 45 degree angle. Make sure that the direction of one end is symmetrical to the other end. The sticks that I've used are roughly 4 1/2 inches long.

Trimming the ends in this way will allow you to make cleaner joints when the sticks are glued together.

Tip: To prevent the ends from flying all over your workspace, tilt the sticks into a bag while trimming to catch all the flyaways.

3.) Form sticks into triangles:
Using your glue gun, dab a tiny drop of glue onto the end of one stick and attach it to the end of another stick, creating a v-shape. Take another stick and connect the two ends to form a triangle.

Take care to glue the joints one by one and hold them into position for about 15 seconds, or when the glue has hardened. This will take a lot of patience, but you will want to glue the joints one at a time as rushing will promote bumpy, off-center joints.

Repeat this step until you have created seven triangles.

4.) Form sticks into v-shapes:
Grab two sticks and glue them together into a v-shape. Make two sets of these v-shaped sticks.

5.) Form a pentagon base:
This pentagon shape will act as a base for your hexagonal ornament.

Connect the points of two triangles, ensuring that they are tilted upwards slightly.  Take a single stick and glue it at this middle point, ensuring again, that it is pointing in a slight upward direction.

6.) Complete the pentagon base:
Close off the tops of the open triangles by gluing three sticks to connect all of the unattached points.
You should have a pentagon shape like the one above that is slightly concave like an umbrella.

7.) Build the walls of the hexagonal ornament:
Use the pentagon shape as a base shape and begin to build the walls for the faceted hexagonal ornament.

Take one of your pre-made triangles and glue it to one of the points on the pentagon you created. Repeat this step for the rest of the four points of the pentagon. Glue all of the adjacent triangles securely.

8.) Completing the ornament:
Take the v-shape sticks you've created earlier and, turning it upside down, glue the two ends onto the structure. Slightly point the v-shape connector towards the middle as the glue dries. Repeat using the second v-shape connector you created and join the two points in the middle.

Lastly, take a single stick to connect the final corners to complete your ornament.

9.) Say hello to your new faceted hexagonal ornament! You may wrap a piece of fishing wire around one corner of the ornament in order to hang it if you prefer to use it as a mobile.

Try making different shapes or even spray painting it another colour.


Aki @ Minted Strawberry said...

I love this, it's a must make for me now! :)

Abigail Saunders said...

love this!

jessica said...

@Aki @Abigail Saunders, Thanks so much! :)

Robin said...

Oooh! Looks so neat! I love it! Love that you just got a pinterest and you've already dived into making awesome goodies!


tiku tiku said...

lovely! amazing!

Janne said...

I've made tons of these too. I love them. I use thread and kind of sew the straws together. Works very good too.

It looks lovely!

lyndsay said...

awww that is an awesome tutorial! beautiful photos... thanks for sharing! ^__^

sophie said...

I made one, I love it, it makes me happy. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I believe the angles should be cut at a 60 degree angle for the straws to fit as a triangle.
Cool craft though! Thanks

Esther said...

Thank you for showing this great DIY-Idea. I made one yesterday and it Looks great in our livingroom. I think I'll Show some Pictures on my blog the next days.

Maja said...

This is great! Can't wait to try it out, and maybe put a little plant inside or sty

alice-jane said...

This is so cute! I think I'll be making a bunch of varying sizes and hang them up.

Anonymous said...

evidently you don't know your geometry, because this is an icosahedron, which is not even similar a hexagon...
nice tutorial though.

Vanessa T. said...

Gorgeous! I always have the hardest time keeping the pieces strung together b/c the fishing line seems to slip out :)


MAZGOO SilentThelma said...

Inspirujesz mnie :) to jest niesamowicie cudowne ! obserwuje :) <3

Rebekah Spark said...

It looks cute but I found the tutorial confusing since it has nothing to do with hexagons.

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