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Posted by jessica

I got my business cards in the mail the other day. This was my first time designing something for print, and it was both an exciting and slightly nerve-racking experience. I'm quite meticulous when it comes to these sorts of things, and initially, I felt like nothing I did was leading me in the right direction.

I finally settled on this design. I felt it reflects my current taste pretty well: nature, geometric shapes, and a muted colour palette. It felt good to send it off for printing.

I had my cards printed by MOO, and I'm quite pleased with their quality. There was a bit of a delay at first with a few setbacks, but the staff at MOO were pretty outstanding to say the least, and quickly resolved any lingering concerns.


Beth said...

They look so freaking good. I am jealous. STUNNING.

Alexandra said...

wow great job! they're beautiful!

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