tea party

Posted by jessica
Over the weekend, a couple of my friends and I hosted a tea-centric bridal shower honouring our lovely friend. We're so happy and excited for her!

A taste of some of the appetizers we had. We also had an ample amount of delicious cupcakes too; some of the best I've tasted around town.

Gerbera daisies. A floral arrangement made specially for our daisy-loving friend.

We had about a dozen variety of teas to sample, including two beautiful blooming/flowering teas. I made a few handwritten tea cards to label each aroma.

I'll definitely be indulging in a few flavours over the next couple of weeks. I find tea to be so comforting.


industry of one

Posted by jessica

I tend to draw my inspiration from a variety of sources: history, music, art, and design are a few that impact me. Although I do appreciate all the things that surround me visually, I find that it can quickly become saturated with the dullness paved by conventional culture.

It's truly exciting to see projects like Industry of One, aimed at celebrating individual style. I found the personal profiles easy to relate to and so lovely to read.


the whitepepper

Posted by jessica

I spotted this gorgeous collection over on Honey Kennedy and was instantly struck by the wonderful styling and equally amazing photography. I really enjoy the make-up application on the models.

To get your dose of polka dots and more, visit The Whitepepper at the Asos Marketplace.


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This post is quite literally a year old. This might be a lesson for me to edit my blog drafts more frequently. It wasn't until I spotted Opening Ceremony's Julietta flats that I was reminded of the design on my wallet (and this post I prepared) and reignited my love for scalloped details.

Below are two of my favourite scalloped pieces: a pair of powdery-pink shorts and a collared lilac button-up (which I almost did not purchase, silly me).

Springtime, I await you patiently...