paulova ceramics

Posted by sarah
I'm in love with these cork jars that Paulova Ceramics used to make.

But these new jars would look mighty nice sitting on my kitchen counter, too. And check out this sugar, salt, and pepper set. I feel calm and peaceful just looking at them.



Posted by jessica

I find it quite interesting to see what people carry in their bags. I'm also a fan of neatly organized items. So, not surprisingly, I really loved Jason Travis' Persona diptych series. The series captures portraits of friends and strangers based in Atlanta, along with their personal goods found in their bags.

I've posted a few of my favourites so far from his ongoing project.


rifle paper co.

Posted by sarah
Lately, more so than usual, I've been actively looking for home-related items: furniture, home accessories, and housewares. Since my immune system failed me in the past week, I'm reminded of the importance of humidifiers. I don't own a good one at the moment, so I'm ready to drop a pretty penny on one of these. An old landlord used to tell me that he hasn't gotten sick once in 15 years or so, when he started using a humidifier every winter season. I believe it.

In scouring the internet for home stuff, I also came across the paper goods of Rifle Paper Co. Although I'm typically drawn to graphic design like this with hard edges, I do like the raw edges of Anna's hand-painted illustrations. In particular, I have my eyes on the Botanical Coaster Set, but the other items from the Botanical collection will brighten up any home, too.

twenty twelve

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Happy New Year!