Posted by sarah
As summer winds down, I start to hoard indoor plants in preparation for the long winter ahead. Pops of green foliage at home will be a welcome sight against the bleak and grey winter scene out the window.

My favourite plants are succulents. They're low-maintenance, so I can trust that they'll still be alive and well when I get back from traveling, which I seem to be doing a lot of lately.

What better place to house your succulents than in these faceted Score+Solder terrariums?


moon and moon

Posted by jessica
A composition of things I've been dreaming of.

I just ordered the Black Moon Ring from Nomoi Koru. I'll be monitoring my mailbox closely in the next few weeks.

[1.] Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats [2.] Alexander Wang Prisma Wallet [3.] Nomoi Koru Black Moon Ring [4.] Eben Goff Batholith Etchings [5.] IMAGO-A Prism Mini Bag