pat perry

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This series entitled Outlived by Pat Perry is somewhat haunting, yet so delicately and intricately drawn that it elicits an emotional memory of past experiences.

heart of gold

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A new watch with a sweet little gold heart attached to the second hand. After deciding that it was too painful to discover scratches on a more precious watch of mine, I went ahead and snagged this Casio number for those casual days. Polka dots and gold hearts go well hand-in-hand.

I absolutely adore the star version of the watch as well, available at The WhitePepper.

Art isn't just for walls. I love outfitting my everyday objects, like my phone, with art.

Another favourite is Leah Goren's Cats cover (currently 20% off!) by Iconemesis. She's a wonderful illustrator based in Brooklyn who draws all sorts of fun things.



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Galaxy Lockets by Sophie Dear

I love nebulas. I think they are just so beautiful. In high school, my favourite science unit in class was, undeniably, Astronomy. Growing up, my very first email address even included the word "celestial" in it (I always get a good chuckle out of childhood email addresses), drawing on my fascination with celestial bodies. To this day, I'm not sure I can pinpoint why I have such a keen curiosity on the topic of Astronomy. I suppose I can chalk it up to my love of discovering things that are "other worldlyand my fascination with the scientific study of the universe.

For anyone who shares this fascination, check out the Cosmic Discoveries app from the American Museum of Natural History for your phone.  

I purchased this nebula skin for my laptop, and I know that it will serve as a constant inspiration for me.


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Pardon my absence from the blogosphere as of late. Although I haven't had the chance to post as consistently as I have before, I assure you that I will try to get back on schedule!

There is something special and exciting that I'm eager to present, and as usual, I'll be sharing that here on this blog soon. :)

In the meantime, I've rounded up a small collection of muted coloured objects to pretty up this page.

[1.] Glass Cluster Chunk Necklace by Urban Revisions [2.] Bent Glass Cluster Necklace by Urban Revisions [3.] Clay Architecture Set by POAST [4.] Pyramid Earring by Shihara
[5.] Ombré tights in Coal by BZR [6.] Mesh Tassel Sandals by F-Troupe