dadu shin

Posted by sarah
Beautiful feathery creatures in Dadu Shin's work. Love the textures and subdued colours, too.


jill bliss

Posted by jessica

Having been a fan of Jill Bliss' work and her vibrant, nature-inspired stationery for years, I jumped at the idea of getting a Jill Bliss phone case for my iPhone.

I ordered Bliss' "Poppy" design for the iPhone capsule from Uncommon. They also take custom orders where you can upload your own photos, with which they'll create your own one-of-a-kind case. Pretty nifty.

I recently visited the Apple store and noticed that they sell selected Uncommon cases if you like their products but are hesitant to place an online order.

(As many of you already know, the visionary behind Apple, Steve Jobs, has recently passed away. Our thoughts go out to Steve's family and friends.)

the horse

Posted by jessica

I was introduced to The Horse a few months ago while skimming through a copy of Frankie Magazine.

They have a wonderful new collection out featuring all sorts of straps, twists and ties. Their collection includes footwear for women and men. Unfortunately, autumn is quickly approaching for us, so I won't be wearing any of these gorgeous pieces any time soon.