through the looking-glass

Posted by jessica

I ordered this hexagon locket from Etsy back in June when I was fascinated with preserving small trinkets in glass. It's roomy enough to put a small photograph inside, as most lockets traditionally hold, but I'll most likely continue to use it to encase small pieces of nature and mementos.

rosette hair clip: self-made

I made this rosette hair clip with scraps from a vintage dress I shortened. Some might view scraps of fabric as trash, while I envision a potential craft project. I find it to be a great way to recycle fabric.

Making this rosette trio was fairly straight forward. I followed a technique from a creative little book called The Art of Manipulating Fabric. I'll try to post it up soon, so you can make your own little rosettes.


Posted by sarah
I have featured Carly Waito's paintings before, but upon viewing her current work on her new website, I felt compelled to share some of my favourites. Now I can't wait to pick up more specimens in the near future.