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I've practically been living in my maxi skirts this summer, and it's likely I'll be wearing them into the fall as well. As much as I love long, flowy, full length skirts, I definitely like the look of asymmetrical shapes.

I was planning on sewing an asymmetrical skirt this season and haven't gotten around to doing so, but hopefully this will be my next DIY project. I tend be attracted to things that are uniquely shaped/draped.



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Karen Walker makes such wonderful sunglasses. I picked up Karen Walker's Number One from Chasse Gardée and have been wearing them all summer long.

Below are a few other sunglasses I've been 'eyeing'. I love cat-eyed glasses, but I also love round frames as well. Both styles are reminiscent of vintage trends.

(from top to bottom):
Karen Walker
- "Rover" in Deep Tortoise,
Karen Walker
- "Helter Skelter" in Tortoise,
- "Lucia" in Safari/ Gold Metal,
Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony - "Darling"



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A few Polaroids capturing some of the lovely things that surround me.

I cannot describe how envious I am of anyone who went to the Bon Iver show in Toronto last night. Luckily, for anyone that was unable to attend their show, their full performance at The 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. last week is available for streaming or downloading here. Nothing comes close to an intimate live performance, but this was such a treat to listen to.

For those who are new to Bon Iver, I would suggest checking out their latest, self-titled album. Holocene and Michicant are on replay on my iPod. Pure magic.