i am vintage lover

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While visiting Gary Pepper Vintage's blog, I stumbled upon this lookbook by I am Vintage Lover that was too lovely to not share. This store's name really resonated with me, and I'm sure with many of you as well.


sam battersby

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Aren't these prints by Samantha Battersby as elegant as can be? My favourites are her Art Deco portraits.

You can purchase prints of her charcoal and pastel illustrations from her etsy store, Matou en Peluche.

white light

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lace cape: self-made

This was a little Sunday project I did a couple of weeks back. Sewing is not really my strong suit, but I still enjoy trying my hand at it every now and then. For me, sewing can be really frustrating at times, but, as the proverb goes, 'the journey is the reward'. After all, you learn through practice and making mistakes.

I'm kind of in love with capes at the moment. And, lace capes? Even better. I have a few small sewing projects in mind for this summer and I'm very excited to get started on them.


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I made this ring ages ago, but I finally decided to take a picture of it recently. I have quite a few pieces of mineral jewelry, but I cannot get enough of their unique beauty. I'm really excited to check out the Toronto Gem and Mineral Show again this year. Hopefully I can stock up on some goodies to make more rings.

amethyst ring: self-made

I just wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts with you all. Lately, I've been feeling brokenhearted after seeing and hearing about all of the devastating events occurring worldwide, particularly in Japan. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person because of everything that I have in my life, and it tears me up inside knowing that too many people in this world live in poverty, illness, discrimination, and oppression.

I often feel undeserving of the things in my life knowing that much of what we possess, like what we are born into, are arbitrarily granted to us, and I just wish I could share everything I have with the world. However, there are also so many people out there doing beautiful things for others and raising consciousness about tragic circumstances. These individuals are utterly inspiring to me.

If you can, please donate to help those affected in Japan to help restructure their lives.

lover: a dance for one

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Yet another beautiful and classic new collection by Lover.

I can't wait until it's spring and the snow clears up (yes, it still snows mid-March in Canada) so that I can wear my maxi skirts again.

The duo behind Lover was featured on The Selby. As a fan of the label, it was a nice treat to sneak a peek into the creative couple's home.

lula magazine: issue eleven

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I picked up the latest issue of Lula and have been eager to read through some of the articles featured in this issue. However, I promised myself that I must first get through a few novels that have been flooding my bookshelf.

As usual, after browsing through the magazine, I came across many inspirational images.

What an adorable birdy hair clip and sequin top!



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I've updated Polyvore with a few new sets a while ago. I thought I'd re-post them here on the blog as well.

Oh, if only I were lucky enough to have some of the things on my wish list. Particularly, a bottle of perfume by Byredo, which is regrettably not available in Canada. Sigh, one day...