summer fever

Posted by jessica

My two favourite shades of lipstick at the moment are Nars' Schiap (left) and MAC's Vegas Volt (right). They look gorgeous worn alone, over lip balm with SPF (your lips need sun protection too!). But they also blend together to make the perfect shade of pinkish-coral.

The summer heat has really been kicking in this month. I'm not sure how much longer before I start to melt. Although I've waited a long time for summer to come, I'm starting to count down the days until fall/autumn arrives. Sigh, the grass is always greener on the other side.


Kajani said...

*gasp* your lipstick is from Nars!!

jessica said...

I know! :( I bought it before I learned that they tested on animals and use toxic ingredients (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/brand/NARS/).

I'm not certain if they still practice this.
I wish there were more research/evidence confirming these claims.

They make such great products though. So sad... :(

Kajani said...

yeah I don't think they would publicly advertise it...however, I think laws state that they do need to print it on their products??? Anyways, I also wanted to comment on your photography! Your pictures are gorgeous!

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