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vintage swan dish/ring holder

During Sarah's visit last month, we went for lunch at a lovely Thai restaurant and had some delicious Pad Thai and mango salad (my favourite!). After lunch, we headed down to the St. Lawrence Antique Market and spent the afternoon browsing through some beautiful antique jewelry, memorabilia, and other antique trinkets.

It seems to be getting increasingly crowded at the Market which, on the one hand, is lovely to see that more people are interested in shopping for antiques, but on the other hand, makes it more difficult to browse. We also spotted many adorable dogs walking throughout the market. It was definitely a highlight of the day. :)

My sister left with an Art Deco-inspired trinket box made with mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles. I ended up finding this delicate swan dish which I instantly knew would make a perfect ring holder.


Kajani said...

Aw thats so pretty!! Btw, I love the new layout! Glad it turned out so well!

jessica said...

thank you, kajani! :)

Sarang said...

Wow. It's pretty. Sarah mentioned about this last weekend and I got to see it here. Nice pick!:)

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