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Beauty essentials:
I use dry shampoo to refresh my hair between washes, and this one by Lulu Organics is a favourite.

Lately I've been wearing the scent "La Chasse aux Papillons" by L'Artisan Parfumeur. It makes you feel like you are in a field of flowers.

's Moisture Replenish Day Cream works wonders and truly keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day. A must-have for the wintertime. It's a rich formula, which I occasionally use as a night cream.

I love this image of Nicole Simone.

Finally, here are pictures from the book The Art of Manipulating Fabric, including the instructions I followed (see first photo below) on how to make fabric rosettes for a hair clip in a previous post.



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  1. Fuji Instax 7S Pink
  2. Denise Lestor: Lepus Print
  3. ArnsdorfSS11 Crystal Pattern iPhone Case
  4. After obsessing over chained brooches/collar clips for so long, and then seeing this image of Carrie from WishWishWish, I finally decided to look for one. I placed an order on Etsy for brass leaf brooches/collar clips. I cannot wait to receive it and start wearing it. I suppose I can cross this one off my list!
  5. Topshop: Swing Velvet Bow Coat
  6. Glitter Booties
  7. The Vamoose: Redline Marble and Hammered Brass Earrings
  8. Leah Goren: Picasso Cats Tote



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Not only are these collars from Polli adorable, but they're made from 75% recycled stainless steel and sustainable plantation plywood. I applaud companies that are socially conscious of where their materials are sourced and how their products get manufactured.


liesl pfeffer

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Liesl Pfeffer skillfully cuts and arranges photographs into mountain collages. Such a simple concept, but so wonderfully executed.

frankie & russh

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Now that it's getting colder outdoors, I love to cozy up with a warm cup of tea and a couple of magazines to get me inspired. Two magazines I've been reading as of late are Frankie and Russh.

Sarah brought back a copy of Frankie magazine for me from her visit to the U.K. a few weeks back. As I mentioned in a previous post, Frankie is rare to find in Canada, so to be able to flip through a physical version was exciting.

Super adorable collars by Hand Hook Yarn. I just had to check out their collection. They have some colourful pieces to go with any top imaginable.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm really into jewelry worn on the 'back'. I posted an image with a similar concept from an issue of Lula magazine. I'm unsure whether there is even a proper term to describe this type of jewelry or how it's worn (I realize that it sounds kind of silly calling it 'back' jewelry, haha!), but it's intriguing because it's so unsuspecting.

norwegian wood

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Not to be confused with Haruki Murakami's novel or the Beatles song, Norwegian Wood is a Montreal-based label that brings together unique elements and textures in their accessories and apparel in uncommon and ethereal ways.

dadu shin

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Beautiful feathery creatures in Dadu Shin's work. Love the textures and subdued colours, too.


jill bliss

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Having been a fan of Jill Bliss' work and her vibrant, nature-inspired stationery for years, I jumped at the idea of getting a Jill Bliss phone case for my iPhone.

I ordered Bliss' "Poppy" design for the iPhone capsule from Uncommon. They also take custom orders where you can upload your own photos, with which they'll create your own one-of-a-kind case. Pretty nifty.

I recently visited the Apple store and noticed that they sell selected Uncommon cases if you like their products but are hesitant to place an online order.

(As many of you already know, the visionary behind Apple, Steve Jobs, has recently passed away. Our thoughts go out to Steve's family and friends.)

the horse

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I was introduced to The Horse a few months ago while skimming through a copy of Frankie Magazine.

They have a wonderful new collection out featuring all sorts of straps, twists and ties. Their collection includes footwear for women and men. Unfortunately, autumn is quickly approaching for us, so I won't be wearing any of these gorgeous pieces any time soon.


through the looking-glass

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I ordered this hexagon locket from Etsy back in June when I was fascinated with preserving small trinkets in glass. It's roomy enough to put a small photograph inside, as most lockets traditionally hold, but I'll most likely continue to use it to encase small pieces of nature and mementos.

rosette hair clip: self-made

I made this rosette hair clip with scraps from a vintage dress I shortened. Some might view scraps of fabric as trash, while I envision a potential craft project. I find it to be a great way to recycle fabric.

Making this rosette trio was fairly straight forward. I followed a technique from a creative little book called The Art of Manipulating Fabric. I'll try to post it up soon, so you can make your own little rosettes.


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I have featured Carly Waito's paintings before, but upon viewing her current work on her new website, I felt compelled to share some of my favourites. Now I can't wait to pick up more specimens in the near future.


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I've practically been living in my maxi skirts this summer, and it's likely I'll be wearing them into the fall as well. As much as I love long, flowy, full length skirts, I definitely like the look of asymmetrical shapes.

I was planning on sewing an asymmetrical skirt this season and haven't gotten around to doing so, but hopefully this will be my next DIY project. I tend be attracted to things that are uniquely shaped/draped.



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Karen Walker makes such wonderful sunglasses. I picked up Karen Walker's Number One from Chasse Gardée and have been wearing them all summer long.

Below are a few other sunglasses I've been 'eyeing'. I love cat-eyed glasses, but I also love round frames as well. Both styles are reminiscent of vintage trends.

(from top to bottom):
Karen Walker
- "Rover" in Deep Tortoise,
Karen Walker
- "Helter Skelter" in Tortoise,
- "Lucia" in Safari/ Gold Metal,
Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony - "Darling"



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A few Polaroids capturing some of the lovely things that surround me.

I cannot describe how envious I am of anyone who went to the Bon Iver show in Toronto last night. Luckily, for anyone that was unable to attend their show, their full performance at The 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. last week is available for streaming or downloading here. Nothing comes close to an intimate live performance, but this was such a treat to listen to.

For those who are new to Bon Iver, I would suggest checking out their latest, self-titled album. Holocene and Michicant are on replay on my iPod. Pure magic.