taking shape

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I picked up this dress from a vintage shop in Kensington Market in Toronto earlier this year. I only got around to altering it recently, and it ended up being a bigger task than I anticipated. Initially, the dress had an additional asymmetrical sheer black layer underneath, but I had cut it out before I got around to taking the "before" shot.

I thought a little cropping to straighten the bottom hem was enough to make the dress wearable for me, but the sleeves were still a bit too puffy for my liking. I trimmed the sleeves down significantly and tucked in the excess fabric, and now it's as though I have a whole new dress!



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This is slightly old news now, but these maps by Eric Fischer are absolutely stunning. They map out the locations in cities where photos on Flickr and Picasa were taken/geotagged. The differently coloured lines indicate modes of transportation that the photographers took: Walking (black), cycling (red), and moving in a motor vehicle (blue).

As someone who does quite a bit of design work and also works with research data fairly often, I adore data visualizations, especially when they are beautiful enough to stand as works of art in their own right. The last two images are maps of Toronto, with the left image mapping out modes of transportation and the right image mapping out photos taken by locals (blue) and tourists (red).


sonia rykiel

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With pieces made from fine fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool, Sonia Rykiel's collection is the perfect mix of comfort and glamour.

View the rest of her resort '11 collection here.


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There are certain things in life that I tend to keep private, and my drawings/illustrations are among those things. I find my creations to be deeply personal and very much a visual representation of my thoughts. During the process of drawing, your mood, thoughts, experiences and emotions truly affect and infect your work: from the medium you use, right down to the intricate details that you make (or do not make) to the pressure or depth of tone or colour that you apply to your work.

Rarely have I ever shared my work with anyone. Though, after being inspired by many wonderful, talented and creative individuals, I felt the need to perpetuate that creative spirit. I should say however, that I am by no means an "artist", but rather a person who admires art and regards it as a crucial component of life. However, I believe that life is in many ways "art" itself, and thus we are all "artists" in some sense.

I've always been inspired by this Nietzsche quote:

"...only as an aesthetic phenomenon
are existence and the world justified."

This claim can be unpacked thoroughly, but roughly speaking, Nietzsche believes that art is the highest form of the human spirit and existence that one can achieve, and it is to that end that I've elected to share my creations with everyone.

My hope is that you will be inspired to create art of your own in any capacity you can, and see the importance it plays in your life. Please be aware that the art that I speak of is not limited to paintings, drawings, or the like, but rather any sort of creative, meaningful endeavour that you choose to pursue.

graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour
(based on image from Frankie Magazine)

graphite, glitter

graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour
(based on image from Lula Magazine)

I do plan on drawing more frequently and hopefully I'll get a chance to share my work with you all when those projects are actualized. I would also like to apologize for the lack of quality of my images, as I currently do not own a scanner.

lauren dicioccio

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The craftsmanship of these embroideries by Lauren DiCioccio is really impressive. In her "sewnnews" series, Lauren hand-embroiders images from The New York Times and encases entire issues of the paper in muslin. I love the loose threads that hang and get all tangled up in a bunch.



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Wonderful vintage-inspired photography by HoneyTree.

the long and the short of it

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Soon after I bought this dress from my local thrift store, I immediately regretted the purchase. I was drawn to the printed flowers and its silky fabric, but the shape of the dress was quite unflattering -- it was neither fitted nor flowy.

The overall length of the dress was a tad too short for me to give it much of a makeover, but I was able to chop off a 3-inch strip from the waistline, resew the top and bottom pieces together, and cut the crew neckline down to a bit of a v-neck, gathering the loose fabric with a button. Here's how the altered dress, now more of a tunic, turned out:


marian bantjes

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I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now, but had been too knee-deep in work to focus on blogging. While I was MIA, one of my favourite graphic designers/artists, Marian Bantjes, did a TED talk back in February that was finally posted online in June. Her talk, titled Intricate Beauty by Design, is nothing short of brilliant and highly engaging.

Marian also has a book, I Wonder, that is due out on October 19th. Here are two spreads from the book (you can find more on her website):


animal farm

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Oh, how I love these precious necklaces! I used to own a few wooden animal necklaces in the past, and in retrospect, I wish I had kept them around.

Yokoo's Etsy Shop has some great creations.