diy: framed lace

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earrings: bow-pearl earrings: vintage,
pink fan earrings + gold rose earrings: vintage (gifts from sarah)

Here's a cheap do-it-yourself project that cost me less than $6 to make. I found this old wooden frame at a local thrift store for $2. My framed lace sits against my wall giving life to the otherwise bare space.

You can use your framed lace as a jewelry holder (it works great for earrings, as pictured above) or simply display it on a table or hang it on a wall for decorative/aesthetic purposes.

* wooden frame
* glue gun
* lace (preferably sturdy, non-stretch)
* scissors
* fabric chalk

* felt sheet (used to cover back of frame)
* hook (for hanging frame on the wall)

1.) Remove the glass, nails and hooks from your frame so that you have a clean wooden frame.

2.) Lay your lace flat on a table and place your frame over it to isolate the area you want to capture on your lace fabric. Then, trace an outline on the lace around your frame.

3.) Cut your lace slightly smaller than the perimeter of your outline. The reason for doing this is to ensure that you do not end up with extra fabric peeking through from behind the frame.

4.) Taking your glue gun, start gluing the lace onto one side of the frame and let dry. Next, pull your lace firmly and continue to glue your lace to the other side of the frame and repeat for all other sides.

I found that it was best to completely saturate the lace with glue so that all the ends of the lace were secure.

5.) At this point, you are pretty much done with your frame. However, if you are unsatisfied with the unsightly dried glue on the backside of the frame, then you can cover it with a layer of felt.

Simply measure the frame's border and cut the felt sheet accordingly. Glue the felt to the back of the frame and firmly press the felt down using the back of a closed pair of scissors.

Below is an image of how the back of the frame looks with and without the felt backing.

Enjoy making your framed lace and have fun with this project!



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These facet boards / mood-inspiration boards / collages / whatever you prefer to call them, are so awesome. What an incredible idea this is to organize a mix of images as an image itself.

No-ëllk is a design pseudonym for Elizabeth, a graphic designer based in Sydney. She creates some truly interesting and atmospheric work. This girl is amazing.


persephone vintage

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Sequined tops, floral blazers and pretty blouses? I feel like a kid in a candy store! Persephone Vintage has some amazing goodies that you can find either on their store website, their etsy store, or their eBay store.

encyclopedia of crafts

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A lovely and thoughtful friend of mine, Sangita, gifted the Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts book to me, which is filled with glossy pages of craft inspiration. I thoroughly enjoy making/crafting things, so this book is right up my alley.

There is so much to see in this encyclopedia and I wish that I could share everything with all of you, but a few pictures of my favourite images and projects will have to do for now.

Origami Paper Lanterns

Block / Stamp Carving

Flower Pressing

Semi-Precious Stones

Cloth-covered mats

Decorative Pine cones

Tissue Paper Flowers

Cut-flower Projects

Pop-up Bird Cards

paul & joe beaute

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Paul & Joe brush holder, blotting paper and mirrored case, floral nail file

Most of my family and friends know that I really enjoy playing with make-up / beauty products. I'm an art lover through and through, and I find make-up to be another medium of art.

One thing that I especially love about beauty products is the packaging. In particular, Paul & Joe Beaute is one of my favourite brands, which is why I was terribly disappointed to hear that Sephora no longer carried their collection. However, I am still very lucky to own a few of their gorgeously designed and packaged items.

If you visit the Paul & Joe Beaute website, you can download some cute wallpapers and screensavers. To find out where they sell Paul & Joe near you, check out their 'Shop Info' section.

treasure box

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dress & belt: vintage

necklaces: self-made

Of all the necklaces I own, I think that these might be my most worn pieces simply because of their versatility. As mentioned in an earlier post, I like to layer multiple pieces of jewelry at a time, and necklaces are no exception.

The lovely jewelry box is thrifted and is a gift from my sister (thanks, Sarah!).

arielle de pinto

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Arielle de Pinto
is a Montreal-based jewelry designer. She is best known for her work using chains to crochet necklaces, bracelets and even vests.

ruby boutique

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Ruby's autumn/winter '10 looks are so, so lovely! I'm quite impressed with their styling.

Ruby's sister brand, Madame Hawke, have some great pieces too:

Shop Ruby and Madame Hawke here.

garden collection

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I own an array of flowers for sewing and crafting and these are just a few favourites from my ever-growing collection.