it's a holiday

Posted by jessica
I would celebrate every day with these wonderful banner/flag necklaces by Scout Holiday.

You can find the rest of their jewelry in their etsy store.

take a bow

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crochet vest: urban outfitters / shorts: thrifted / bow clip: self-made

My primary aim was to use this bow as a hair clip, but it eventually found its way into my wardrobe in other capacities. As shown above, it is used as a decorative piece on a belt loop. I'm always delighted to discover new, unorthodox ways to use accessories.

The bow is made out of recycled vintage fabric scraps.

claire inc

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Claire Incorruptible specializes in rare designer vintage garments and accessories. They carry numerous designers which include Moschino, Chanel, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Escada, Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. Their finds are eclectic and fresh and definitely worth a second look.

Oscar de la Renta button dress / YSL geometric blazer
Moschino polka dot skirt / Moschino jacket

Chanel earrings / Christian Dior brooch
Ted Lapidus sling bag / Norma Kamali dress

YSL straw hat / Chanel skirt
bow blouse / Chloé silk cape

69 vintage

Posted by sarah
Being the busy bee that I am these days, I very much appreciated reading this interview on Torontoist with Kealan Sullivan, owner of one of my favourite stores, 69 Vintage. Her go-getter work ethic is inspiring; a reminder that you don't get what you want by sitting idly and that hard work will pay off soon enough. As cliché as that sounds, having witnessed 69 Vintage evolve in the past five years or so to the vintage mecca it has become today (I do recall how clinical and uninspired the main store was when it first opened), I don't doubt that determination, passion, and a little strategic planning has helped Kealan and her business thrive over the years.

image from blogTO

crown of flowers

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floral crown: self-made

This is the first of a few hair accessories that I've completed, although I do have a couple of projects in development.

Now that the cold weather has subsided, I finally have a chance to play in the sun with my floral headpiece.

ban.do: black label collection

Posted by jessica
ban.do's new black label collection has just launched, and I could not be more excited! This time, they've invited the gorgeous Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy to model their elegant, whimsical new pieces.

I've made a few hair pieces over the past couple of months, and I will be sharing them with everyone very soon. After seeing ban.do's new collection, I am determined to craft some more hair pieces, and this time, incorporating an element that I do not typically work with: rhinestones. Of course, when these projects come to fruition, I will be posting them here for all of you!

In the meantime, enjoy jen & jamie's new collection:

gary pepper vintage

Posted by jessica

A new vintage shop that I've recently discovered is called Gary Pepper Vintage, and it's quickly becoming a new favourite of mine. Nicole, the founder of GPV, has a unique and refined taste and an eye for beautiful vintage pieces!

There are a plethora of reasons why I enjoy buying vintage items, and one of those reasons are succinctly defined by Gary Pepper Vintage:

"GPV is happy to be supporting a cleaner and healthier future by reducing the amount of methane gas emissions by buying vintage and recycled clothing, and hope you will too!"

Environmentally conscious and stylish! How can you go wrong with that combination?

... and don't forget to visit Nicole's lovely blog to see what a truly genuine person she is!


Posted by sarah

As a huge fan of crystals, naturally, I fell in love with these paintings by Carly Waito. Yes, they are paintings. View the rest of them in her Flickr set.

lula: issue ten

Posted by jessica
I've been an avid collector of magazines for some time, yet my recent magazine purchases have been few to none, especially since the proliferation of online fashion communities.

However, when I first heard about Lula and previewed some of their photo journals, I knew that I had to pick up a copy for myself. A new issue is produced biannually, and each issue is exponentially better than the last. Although this magazine does not come cheap, I try to grab a copy when I want to treat myself to some visual inspiration, and think that it is worth every penny.

Lula is filled to the brim with fun typography, beautiful art and impeccable photography. Leith Clark and her team have such an amazing vision and aesthetic. Another upside of this magazine is that there are virtually no advertisements that grace the pages of Lula. It truly is a spectacle for the fashion/art lover.

What follows are a few pages from their tenth issue that I am currently obsessing over.


twisted vines

Posted by jessica
earrings: self-made

Although I adore these earrings, they unfortunately do not get much wear. Due to its jagged edges, it tends to get tangled in my hair and distorts the shape of the 'branches'. I suppose the bending gives it more depth and life, so it doesn't pose a huge problem. I do plan to get more use out of these creations, as the payoff is certainly worth a little bit of unruly hair.

button exchange

Posted by sarah

When it comes to sewing notions, vintage buttons are my weakness (pretty trims come a close second). They can improve almost any article of buttoned clothing. I have a cropped black blazer that I hardly wore, its pearly 4-hole buttons made it a bit casual looking and it no longer matched well with most pieces in my wardrobe. I still liked its cut and fit too much to let it go, so I decided to replace the 4-holes with the gold-rimmed shank buttons pictured above. Makeover success! The blazer will certainly get more wear now.

These are by no means the best photos, but below are before and after shots to give you a sense of how the style of the blazer has changed after simply replacing the buttons.



diy: button jewelry

Posted by jessica

I often come across gorgeous buttons that I find are too fancy to use on clothing, but just right for jewelry making. Here, I've made a set of rings, but you can also use this idea to make a pair of earrings, or even a pendant for a necklace.

What you'll need:
* button(s)
* adjustable ring or earring posts/backings (pictured below)
* glue-gun
* cutting pliers

Using your cutting tool, cut off the loop at the back of your button(s). Most button loops are plastic, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Make sure that the surface on the back of your button is almost completely flat so that it sits evenly on your jewelry backing. You can file the back down to smooth out any imperfections until you are satisfied.

Then, simply dab a small bead of glue from your glue-gun onto the ring or earring post and immediately bond it to your button. Try to work quickly, as the glue tends to dry fast.

Let the glue cool down, and you're finished!

Enjoy your new creations!

amber fields

Posted by jessica

Working with ink can be difficult at times, because of its unforgiving and irreversible nature. However, I think that as long as you are able to remain imaginative, you can transform any 'mistake' into an 'intention'. One of the beauties about drawing is that you can create your own realities.


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Here is a peek into my personal collection of jewelry findings. Just looking at these brass findings inspires me and brings me so much joy! I'm convinced that these trinkets have some sort of intrinsic value to them. :)

'laced' up

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dress: H&M / necklace: self-made

Lace and appliques are some of my favourite materials to work with (apart from chains, feathers, gems, beads, semi-precious stones, fabric, etc., etc.). :) Ok, I'm guilty, I love working with all types of media, but I love the instant softness that lace lends to an object/image, even with harsh colours.

elizabethan ruff

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dress: vintage / ruffle necklace/collar: self-made

This collar was inspired by the neckpieces from Kapow Wow Objects. I've been a huge admirer of their work and their nuanced take on Elizabethan ruffle structures. I wanted to recreate these ruffles myself, which is what motivated me to make my own ruffle collar. The collar is made entirely of knit jersey and thread.

flowers and bows

Posted by jessica

I like to cluster several pins/brooches together on a sweater. I tend to anthropomorphize objects, so I feel as though one lonely pin needs the company of another. :)

The two 'bows' were originally brass findings before I turned them into pins. The flower brooch is vintage.