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Posted by sarah

I thrifted this dress for next to nothing and paired it with some vintage jewelry and shoes for an outfit I wore to my friend's wedding this past summer. Oh, how I long for a warmer climate now...

I loved the pattern on the dress when I first saw it, but it was an awkward length for me -- the bottom hem sat a couple inches past my knees. So, I shortened it a good 10 inches or so and used the excess fabric to sew in some hidden side pockets. It's casual enough for me to wear day-to-day now, so I do just that. Except I'm wearing it these days with a cardigan, tights, and boots (something like the pieces below) to stay toasty.


Mamushka Marie said...

wow that dress just got ten times more adorable! nicely done! <3

sarah said...

Thanks! It's amazing what a little alteration/reconstruction can do.

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