lady in red

Posted by sarah
Below are before and after shots of a skirt I altered (sorry they are a bit blurry, I need to invest in a better camera soon). I purchased it from a thrift store's "buy the pound" section at $1/pound, so it only cost a buck or two. My friend Yoonsin picked it out for me, and I hesitated to buy it at first since it seemed a bit long, as it fell a little past my knees. But at a dollar per pound, I couldn't resist -- I am frequently looking for new sewing projects anyway.

It doesn't look like I altered it in the photo, but months after picking it up, I finally shortened the skirt a couple inches and used the extra material to make two front pockets. (If the pockets are hard to see, click the image to enlarge it for more detail.)


Miss Gray said...

Nice work!
Good idea with the pockets!!


Sangita said...

Nice one!
Looks great :)

Sarang said...

cool I like how you are going to wear with top & belt! So cute! ( maybe I can't see it, because Madison is getting so cold now.)

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