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Posted by sarah

I don't wear much jewelry; the only type I bother to wear are necklaces. From the chokers I treasured in goth days past to the plastic and wooden bead necklaces I sported during a convoluted rave/early emo phase, necklaces have long been a wardrobe staple for me. Nowadays, I am the proud owner of too many gold necklaces, most of which are of the long variety. Short necklaces haven't caught my eye until recently, but I am starting to build a lovely collection of them these days.

Pictured above are a couple from my collection. The teardrop necklace in the middle photo was a gift from Jessica and the oval one in the same photo was a gift from my friend Yoonsin.


Yoonsin said...

yay! you made me addicted to them now.

sarah said...

Yeah, sorry. ;) Thanks for the necklace, though!

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