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necklace: self-made
(Feel free to click the image to see it up-close!)

Some time ago, I had a deep fascination with wolves, so it was love at first sight when I met this little pewter creature. I made this necklace from mixed gold chains that I had left over from other projects and a clear swarovski charm.

Someone once told me that everytime they saw me, I would be sporting some kind of animal jewelry or something that was reminiscent of animals. I thought it was really endearing that they noticed, but I'm not sure if it is entirely true. However, I can say with absolute certainty that I love animals, so perhaps that has inconspicuously influenced my subconsciousness.

Anyhow, enjoy these adorable wolf pictures:

images via: tumblr


Nina said...

The necklace is absolutely beautiful, and the way you took photos of it. I would like to see how it looks of body too...

Beth said...

the saints can't help me now
the ropes have been unbound
i hunt for you with bloody feet across the hollowed ground.

gorgeous display, jess!

jessica said...

@ nina: you are so sweet, thank you!

@ beth: thanks! and yes, florence + the machine is awesome!

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