sweater weather no longer

Posted by sarah
After a somewhat disappointing thunderstorm yesterday--we even had a tornado watch, but the severe wind and downpour were shortlived, it was mostly just gray and rainy all day--the sky is sunny and the weather is mild today. This morning, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to stock my fridge with goodies I bought at the farmer's market, which is conveniently located a mere five-minute walk from my place. While the mornings and evenings are chillier than the days, I eventually had to tear off this oversized cardigan that I made, the more that I warmed up as I walked around the market.

I took the lazy route in making a pattern for this sweater -- I traced an existing cardigan, but also made a few alterations including the length of the sweater, length of the sleeves, pockets, and bands around the cuffs and the bottom. The fabric was a score at $3/meter from Fabricland, and I got the vintage shank buttons off eBay for $3.50 shipped. I love eBay. And, clearly, I love gold-rimmed shank buttons.

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Yoonsin said...

you made this? so pretty! and so vintage looking too! love it!!!

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