lula: issue ten

Posted by jessica
I've been an avid collector of magazines for some time, yet my recent magazine purchases have been few to none, especially since the proliferation of online fashion communities.

However, when I first heard about Lula and previewed some of their photo journals, I knew that I had to pick up a copy for myself. A new issue is produced biannually, and each issue is exponentially better than the last. Although this magazine does not come cheap, I try to grab a copy when I want to treat myself to some visual inspiration, and think that it is worth every penny.

Lula is filled to the brim with fun typography, beautiful art and impeccable photography. Leith Clark and her team have such an amazing vision and aesthetic. Another upside of this magazine is that there are virtually no advertisements that grace the pages of Lula. It truly is a spectacle for the fashion/art lover.

What follows are a few pages from their tenth issue that I am currently obsessing over.


Anonymous said...

ive been looking for this, where did you buy it?

jessica said...

if you live in the toronto area, then you might be able to find a copy at 'presse internationale' on college st.

i've also seen copies at the 'world's biggest bookstore' on edward st. and apparently they've been spotted in select chapters/ indigo bookstores as well.

you can also buy it online: http://www.buyolympia.com/q/Item=lula10

if you are still stuck, lula's official website has a 'find me' section where they will help you locate a retailer near you!


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