diy: button jewelry

Posted by jessica

I often come across gorgeous buttons that I find are too fancy to use on clothing, but just right for jewelry making. Here, I've made a set of rings, but you can also use this idea to make a pair of earrings, or even a pendant for a necklace.

What you'll need:
* button(s)
* adjustable ring or earring posts/backings (pictured below)
* glue-gun
* cutting pliers

Using your cutting tool, cut off the loop at the back of your button(s). Most button loops are plastic, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Make sure that the surface on the back of your button is almost completely flat so that it sits evenly on your jewelry backing. You can file the back down to smooth out any imperfections until you are satisfied.

Then, simply dab a small bead of glue from your glue-gun onto the ring or earring post and immediately bond it to your button. Try to work quickly, as the glue tends to dry fast.

Let the glue cool down, and you're finished!

Enjoy your new creations!


Anonymous said...

They look lovely. especially the flower ring. *Sangita*

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the ring and earing backings? - Judy =^-^=

Anonymous said...

DIYs are the best! btw i recognize the black one ;)

jessica said...

thanks sangita!

@ kj: yes, diy's are awesome indeed!

@ judy: i got the jewelry backings from 'arton beads'. they have a store in toronto on queen st./ augusta. however, i'm sure you can find the same supplies at 'michael's'. i hope that helps :)

Nicole said...

this has inspired me to finally get my act together with my large button collection so thank you :)

wonderful idea and i can't wait to make my own!

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