secret garden

Posted by sarah

I thrifted this dress for next to nothing and paired it with some vintage jewelry and shoes for an outfit I wore to my friend's wedding this past summer. Oh, how I long for a warmer climate now...

I loved the pattern on the dress when I first saw it, but it was an awkward length for me -- the bottom hem sat a couple inches past my knees. So, I shortened it a good 10 inches or so and used the excess fabric to sew in some hidden side pockets. It's casual enough for me to wear day-to-day now, so I do just that. Except I'm wearing it these days with a cardigan, tights, and boots (something like the pieces below) to stay toasty.


lara vincent

Posted by jessica

I am still very much in love with floral crowns. So, how could I possibly resist Lara Vincent's handmade felt floral headdresses?

Lara Vincent's trinkets evoke something magical. Of this, I am sure.

love yourself

Posted by jessica

Lately, I've been indulging in some new fragrances that I have added to my family of perfumes. One of my latest is "Bianca" by Tocca. It's a really beautiful blend of citrus and green tea, with top notes of lemon, mandarin and lavender. What I also loved about this perfume was the packaging it came in.
When I opened the box, I was pleasantly greeted with a little reminder: "Love Yourself". This made me smile. I think it's so important to be self-reflective and introspective.

I thought I'd also share a glimpse of a drawing I've been working on. I'm kind of obsessed with doing nature studies after picking up a book on birds for $1 at a book sale.

sarah mcneil

Posted by sarah
I can't get enough of Sarah McNeil's work. The lines, colours, and textures in her illustrations are so soft. You can purchase her goods at her Etsy store.


first quilt

Posted by sarah
I decided to make a baby quilt for my friend Chris' new little girl, Emily. It turns out that quilts are quite easy to make, but the process can be highly time-consuming. Choosing the fabrics alone was a little daunting, as The Workroom has a wide selection of very lovely and very quiltable fabrics; I spent a good 30 minutes or so in the store before deciding on the fabrics pictured below (click image to enlarge).

Measuring, cutting out, sewing together, and pressing all the squares required the most time. Other than that, all the topstiching was quick and easy -- they're only straight lines. The last image shows a close-up of the names I embroidered.

on a monday...

Posted by jessica

Mondays are my favourite days of the week. They mark the start of a fresh week.

So, in honour of this new week, we've decided to start a Polyvore page to share our collection of fun online finds with you. We hope you like it!

diane birch

Posted by jessica

Diane Birch is a musician with an amazing sense of style. Among others, she credits Coco Chanel and Jane Birkin as her style icons and is inspired by the romantic and classical Baroque era both in music and style.

Below, in one of my favourite ensemble of hers, she mixes vintage with designer pieces while attending NYFW.



Posted by jessica
Nadinoo is a beautiful clothing line based in Britain. With each garment hand crafted, you can be assured that each piece is unique and individualized. It's hard to find such personalized service like this these days.

Autumn/Winter '10 collection:

Equally lovely was their Spring/Summer '10 collection:


lanvin for h&m

Posted by sarah
Without a doubt, the Lanvin for H&M line has generated much anticipation and excitement. The collection hits stores today. Here are my favourites:


jon klassen

Posted by sarah
It's hard to believe that it's been about a month and a half since I last posted. October was extremely nutty for me, and I'm glad that I have a little bit of a breather this month before the pace picks up again. Expect plenty of posts from me as I catch up on sharing the various sewing projects I completed over the summer.

Ridiculously talented illustrator Jon Klassen recently won the Governor General's Literary Award for a book he illustrated, Cats' Night Out. I love his subdued colour palette and the mood that his work evokes.


audrey kawasaki

Posted by jessica
Audrey Kawasaki's work is sensual and serene. I love that she uses wood as her canvas. I think the grain in the wood add to the beautiful texture in her work.

Discover the rest of Audrey's paintings here.

of lace and collars

Posted by jessica
A couple of months ago, I did a post on a pearl collar that I made. As a follow-up to that post, I wanted to share a few more collars that I have made and collected.

lace/ feather collar and amethyst necklace:

(close-up of collar)

This neck-piece is made from a gorgeous feather-motif collar I bought from a textile shop. I had a small bag of vintage rhinestones that had been sitting in my bead supply box for some time, so I decided to scatter them along the collar. Although the rhinestones are quite small, the hint of light that they capture is quite lovely.

lace collar: self-made

This is a simple collar that I made using lace trim. Nothing excites me more than browsing through sewing trims and notions. It's definitely the first place I head towards upon entering a fabric shop.

dress: h&m, lace collar: thrifted

Last January, I was lucky enough to score this lovely collar at a local thrift store. It was accompanied with a tag, classifying it as a 'Belgium
Lace collar'. I was able to acquire this piece for the bargain price of $1 CAD, and I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I found it.


Posted by jessica

What lovely decorative clocks for the home.

Find them here at Decoylab.

inspiration board

Posted by jessica
inspiration board: self-made

When I was younger, I loved using embroidery hoops, typically for sewing sequins and beads on pretty fabrics. Now, I discovered another use for embroidery hoops: making inspiration boards.

I picked up this gorgeous floral fabric with my sister during our visit to the workroom in Toronto. They have a such a great selection of unique fabrics, albeit mainly printed cotton.

So far, I've pinned on a mini flower I made using lace trim, a few paper flowers, and decorative tags by o-check. I'm sure the board will fill up quickly as I'm constantly finding inspiration everywhere.

heavy metal

Posted by sarah
I'm typically not a big fan of studs or a lot of metal on purses (and shoes, too), but the hardware on these shoulder bags is so keenly used; there is just enough metal to detail the bags. And, I'm a sucker for chain straps.



Posted by jessica
TBA (to be adored) is definitely my favourite autumn/winter 2010 collection. I absolutely love peter pan collars, polka dots/pom-poms, velvet and bows.

I think that the photography for this collection is super gorgeous as well. I find the juxtaposition of beautiful dresses and abandoned spaces to be quite intriguing.


kelly smith

Posted by jessica
I'm sure many of you have heard of her already, but I've been a long time fan of Kelly Smith's work.

I always get excited whenever she updates her blog with new illos, and she always posts the most inspirational photos to draw.

Stock up on her lovely prints via her etsy store, Birdy & Me.

skt ceramics

Posted by sarah
If I had plenty of disposable income, I would definitely splurge on these porcelain tumblers by Susannah Tisue, creator of SKT Ceramics.

Visit SKT Ceramics' Etsy store or purchase the items in person at her Brooklyn Flea booth.

frankie magazine

Posted by jessica
Frankie Magazine is easily one of my favourite magazines at the moment. Frankie is an amalgamation of all things pretty, whether it be fashion, vintage, photography, art or crafts - they have it all!

Here is a peek into their most recent release (issue 37):

And, as a huge fan of brooches and pins (I'm sure my sister can attest to this as well!), I adored this layout from their Jan./Feb. 2010 edition (issue 33):

Sadly, they no longer distribute Frankie Magazine in Canada anymore. Not to worry though, because you can personally subscribe to Frankie and have it delievered to your doorstep, or you can obtain an online version of Frankie.