new things, new things.

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Right now, in the SHOP!

Earlier today, I updated the shop with some new things: hand-cut and hammered brass pieces!  


getting organized

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I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something that is intrinsically satisfying about organizing things. Maybe it's because I love to knoll (the art of arranging things in parallel lines or 90 degree angles) or that I enjoy keeping things clean, minimal, uncomplicated.

I believe that there is a poetic nature to the physical space that surrounds us; it's a powerful force that shapes our behaviour, emotions and beliefs.

I usually don't leave the door without these few items (and, not pictured: a pen and a note/sketchbook). Aside from acting as time capsules, they help to keep me organized.

laurie kang

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It must be the colour palette, but there is something about Laurie Kang's work that reels me in.



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I did a guest post the other day for Christina, the talented designer behind the blog Forest Dreams.

I featured the
rutilated quartz abstract necklace, a current favourite of mine from the shop. I am just enamoured by anything that is marble printed or textured.

Head over to Forest Dreams to see the rest of the wish list!

mercer union: small press book fair, curio + vintage sale

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Hello friends! Pardon our absence from this blog recently, we are hoping to get back into the swing of things very soon.

We just wanted to make a quick announcement that Feathers of Gold will be participating at Mercer Union's Small Press Book Fair, Curio and Vintage Sale. This will be our very first show, and we are super excited to be a part of this event!

Mark your calendars:
Mercer Union (1286 Bloor W, Toronto)
Sunday, August 11th 2013
10am - 5pm

We've got some new pieces ready to go, and are busy preparing for next week. We can't wait to see everyone there!

rk design

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I just ordered some amazing prints from photographer/designer Riikka Kantinkoski of RK DESIGN.  Her blog, Weekday Carnival, is also a vessel of home decor inspiration.  I am obsessed with her abstract graphic work and her clean, minimal approach to interior decorating.


confetti glassware

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I'm of the opinion that every day should be celebrated and not just those designated holidays. It's important to try to live every moment of your life to its fullest. A little "confetti" in my life helps to make each day all the more exciting!

This design is fairly easy to create. The confetti pattern consists of four basic shapes: triangles, hexagons, squares (big and small), and long dashes (rectangles).

What you'll need:

a.) ceramic/porcelain objects
b.) black and gold non-toxic paints for glass and ceramics
     (I used "Folk Art" Enamel Acrylic Paint by Plaid)
c.) paintbrush
d.) paint palette
e.) water

Before we begin, make sure that you wash, rinse, and dry your ceramic objects.

1.) Paint the black confetti shapes:

It helps to draw a rough sketch on a piece of paper to help you visualize how you will place the shapes in relation to the other shapes and colour.

Start off by painting on the larger shapes (triangles, hexagons, and squares): scatter them evenly, leaving roughly equal distance between each shape.

Then, draw on the small squares and the long dashes/rectangles to fill in the empty spaces between the bigger shapes, again, leaving equal distance between them.

If you make a mistake, use a little water and rub off the area you wish to erase. Be mindful of spacing and alternating shapes, but, don't think too much about where each shape will go. After all, confetti is a random mix!

TIP: Leave about 3/4 inch of space between your design and the rim of the bowl or mug where your mouth or any food will touch. Although the paint you are using may be non-toxic and dishwasher safe, most paints are not rated as "food-safe" and should not have direct contact with your mouth or the food you are consuming.

2.) Paint the gold confetti shapes:

Once you've painted on the black shapes, leave the paint to dry for a couple of minutes. If you are happy with the minimal look of the black confetti, then skip right on to step 3.

If you would like the jazz up your mug or bowl with gold accents, simply repeat step 1 using gold paint.

3.) Allow the paint to dry:
Before using your newly confetti-ed glassware, allow the paint to fully dry and harden to prevent it from chipping.

In order to allow the paint to cure (set), you will need to do one of two things:
a.) Let the paint air dry for 21 days, or,
b.) Wait 1 hour for paint to dry, then place the glassware in a cool oven and heat to 350ºF (176ºC) for 30 mins. Let it cool in the oven before removing.

Please read the instructions on your paint bottle and follow those directions if they differ from the ones suggested above.

Throw some confetti in the air, you're done!